Why Shoot?


My name is Carla and I originally reside at OhCarlaloo.com.  I’ve been blogging since 2004, and it has been my perfect creative outlet since.

I have been meaning to put up my own photoblog but I never really got around it until about a year or so ago.  I looked at my desk and it was filled of things to do for work, and work, and work, and I knew my need to remain sane will be satisfied by a creative outlet.  Hence, this blog.

I am using a Canon S95, a Canon 600D with the trusty lens kit, and of course, my handy iPhone 5.  I just finished my beginner’s class with Photoworld Manila and I plan to take up my advanced classes soon.  That is, when I find the time to squeeze it in somewhere between graduate school, work and yoga.  Oh and running too.

Other cameras I’ve used are my retired Canon A550 and the Olympus eVolt, borrowed from my cousin.

I hope to travel to many other places and take more photos to add to this blog, but as a tourist guide once reminded us:  There will always be pictures, but there won’t always be memories.

Drop by often or whenever you feel like it.  Chances are, I need your help in improving myself too.  And please share your memories with me.  I’d love to hear — and see — what’s it all about.

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